In my shoes. Laces tied by Him.

Life is but a medium to eternity. Live it joyfully and purposefully.

First band ever to put up with my originals. #18th #tb #thankyoududes ❤️

❤️ (at Ajisen Ramen)

Presenting RN Trining! 🎶”This is my now..and I’m breathing in the moment. As I look around, I can’t believe the love I see. My fears behind me, gone are the shadows and doubts that was then, this is my now.” 🎶 👏☝️✌️❤️ #tbt #rntrining #thisishernow

Proud siblings here! How she endured everything to get here… How she held onto God’s promise… it’s a visible manifestation of a pure hearted woman. ✊☺️

Totally ashamed in buying this. 😧

Happy kid under the sun with her yummy smitten serving. #officialcalilicenseholder 🚘😏🍦☀️ (at Smitten Ice Cream)

That’s one load off the list! Congratulations sis! 🚘#sheonlymissedone! 😱👏👏👏

…while I’m here, waiting in distress. 😶

One more session to go! 🙌 #senioryear (at DeVry University - Daly City Center)

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